F.R. Koon Custom Homes, Asheville, NC (828) 691-9092
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Fred Koon, President

I grew up in Buncombe County and graduated from NC
State University with a degree in Engineering. I spent the
first 20 years of my career working as a professional
engineer in the corporate world. While I enjoyed my career
and was thankful for it, something was missing. As a side
project, I purchased an old house that had been converted
to apartments. As I lovingly and painstakingly restored this
majestic home back to it's original glory, I realized that my
true calling was to build and restore homes. I took a chance
and relocated my family back to the mountains of Western
North Carolina to be closer to the places and the people I
love. I am proud to be part of the positive growth I've seen
taking place in our area.

From our start in 2000 to today, our company has grown
and changed, but our core values remain the same.

e-mail: Fred@FRKoonCustomHomes.com
cell phone: (828) 691-9092
Engineers' Creed
I pledge:

-To give the utmost of performance;
-To participate in none but honest enterprise;
-To live and work according to the laws of man and the highest standards
of professional conduct;
-To place service before profit, the honor and standing of the profession
before personal advantage, and the public welfare above all other
(828) 691-9092
Seth Koon, Project Manager

Seth grew up in WNC. He attended East Carolina
University, obtaining a degree in Construction
Management. Seth returned to the Asheville area to
work with his father. He is always on the job site either
swinging a hammer or coordinating work with our

e-mail: Seth@FRKoonCustomHomes.com
cell phone: (828) 777-3100
Michelle Koon, Design Specialist

Michelle is another WNC native who graduated from
Appalachian State with a passion for interior design.
Michelle primarily works as a designer to help clients
with finalizing the details of their home or remodeling

"Sometimes it's good to get a woman's point of view.
I enjoy meeting with clients to help them make the
many decisions that must be made in a timely
manner. Whether it's picking out paint colors and
trim detail or going with you to the tile store. These
are just a few of the stressful details that I can make
easier for your building experience," says Michelle.

e-mail: Michelle@FRKoonCustomHomes.com
cell phone: (828) 776-9092
In humility and with need for Divine Guidance, I make this pledge.