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F.R. Koon Custom Homes, Asheville, NC (828) 691-9092
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(828) 691-9092
My passion is design, and the most exciting part of my job is
being able to look at the interior design, before you even have
a home design! I make sure it all comes together, from the
placing of lamp outlets to making sure the design of your
home is conducive to a smooth flow and a beautiful and
comfortable living area for your family.
Face it, Ladies. There are a lot of interior design
decisons to make when building or remodeling
your home. What pieces do you currently have?
What styles and fabrics have you always REALLY
wanted? And how can we make it all work
together in your new home- within your budget?
"Design is Art. You can't invent a design, you recognize it."
- David Herbert Lawrence
Call today for a free 30-minute Interior Design consultation chat... over coffee.
Please enjoy some of my designs.